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IRS Offer in Compromise: what is, which is the acceptance rate, who is eligible and how to apply?

IRS Offer in Compromise: A tax debt settlement option with a 40% acceptance rate, eligible for individuals and businesses facing financial hardship.

Where does JD Vance live? Does he own a $1.5M home in this popular city of Virginia?

JD Vance owns a $1.5 million home in Alexandria, Virginia, a city known for its rich history and proximity to Washington, D.C., reflecting his ties to both politics and the local community.

Who are Kamala Harris’ parents and where do they come from? What to know about Shyamala Gopalan and Donald Harris

Kamala Harris' parents, Shyamala Gopalan and Donald Harris, shaped her values through their civil rights activism and immigrant experiences from India and Jamaica.

What is happening now in the Democratic Party? This is how Biden’s replacement will be chosen in the presidential race

With Biden out, Democrats navigate uncharted waters to select a 2024 nominee, as party leaders weigh primary process vs. convention choice

Who would be the VP and running mate for Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, and Gavin Newsom?

Speculation is rife about potential vice presidential picks for Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, and Gavin Newsom, as the Democratic Party prepares for a pivotal election cycle.

Will there be a Democratic primary and what happened in the 1968 Democratic Convention?

The Democratic Party faces uncertainty over a potential primary process in 2024 after Biden stepped out of the electoral race, echoing the tumultuous 1968 convention marked by protests, police brutality, and a divisive nomination of Hubert Humphrey.

Will Michelle Obama run for president and why can’t Barack Obama be the Democratic candidate?

As speculation mounts about Michelle Obama's potential candidacy, she remains steadfast in her disinterest in running for president, while Barack Obama cannot run due to constitutional limits.

IRS Form 9465 in 2024: what is it, instructions, how to fill and where to apply for Installment Agreement Request

IRS Form 9465 in 2024: Requesting an Installment Agreement, updated instructions, online application, and tax extension considerations

IRS releases update on payments for some Americans with 401(k) retirement plans an IRA owners

IRS updates clarify new payment guidelines for Americans with 401(k) retirement plans and IRA owners, ensuring compliance with required minimum distributions and enhancing financial support for retirees

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