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The benefits that remain in effect from Biden’s SAVE Plan on student loan payments

Borrowers remain eligible for some benefits, including interest protection and reduced undergraduate loan payments, as court rulings halt broader debt forgiveness efforts.

What is the longest time you can extend your Federal Student Loan?

Federal Student Loans can be extended up ot 25 years through income driven repayment plans or extended repayment periods reducing monthly payments

What credit score is needed for a federal and private student loans and how to check it?

We tell you what credit score is needed to qualify for a federal and private student loan and how to know if you are qualified to request it.

Three GOP-led states press Supreme Court to stop Biden’s student loan repayment program: How does it affect borrowers?

Three Republican states have asked the Supreme Court to halt Biden's SAVE plan to reschedule student loans. We tell you how it affects payments.

How does the punishment for late payment of student loans differ between federal and private loans?

If you have not been able to pay your student loan payments, we explain the differences between the penalties for non-payment of private and federal student loans in the United States.

What will Trump do with the SAVE student loan plan? This is how it would affect borrowers if forgiveness is canceled

The former president has been highly critical of Biden's student loan forgiveness programs. If he is elected a second time he could radically reduce loan forgiveness.

What does forbearance mean with Student Loans and how does it work?

Throughout a student's life, different options are presented to be able to meet student loan debt payments. One of the most requested is indulgence. We tell you who can qualify and how to do it.

What happens if I don’t pay my Student Loans? Does bankruptcy clear Student Loan Debt?

We tell you what the consequences are of not paying your student loans and what would happen to your debt if you declare bankruptcy.

What is the SAVE Repayment Plan and what to know if I am eligible for student loans?

The new SAVE repayment plan offers lower monthly payments, forgiveness options, and government interest subsidies to make student loans more manageable for eligible borrowers.

What is the monthly payment on a $50,000 Student Loan?

Calculate your monthly payment on a $50,000 student loan with factors like interest rate, loan term, and repayment plan to manage debt effectively.

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