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Who is the most recent US President without a college degree?

All recent U.S. presidents have had, at least, a college degree. You need to go back to the middle of the century to find the last president who didn't have one.

How many D-Day veterans are still alive?

Approximately 119,550 of the 16.4 million Americans who served in World War II were still alive at the end of 2023. Given that D-Day veterans represent a subset of this group, their numbers are likely much smaller.

Can you go to any hospital, pay for an ambulance, or pay medical expenses with VA benefits?

The Department of Veterans Affairs has made provisions for an emergency medical card for certain veterans. However, the veteran must be eligible for this service.

Can surviving spouses collect 100% of a disabled veteran’s benefits and what is the maximum amount?

If a veteran with 100% disability dies, the spouse is entitled to Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). The base rate for DIC received by a surviving spouse in 2024 is $1,612.75 per month.

How it affects me as a borrower if the federal appeals court blocks the rest of Biden’s student debt relief plan

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently blocked President Joe Biden's student debt relief plan, leaving millions of borrowers in a state of uncertainty. This is how it affects you as a borrower.

When did ‘God bless the USA’ come out, and who wrote and signed ‘Proud to Be an American’?

"God Bless the USA," commonly known by its iconic line "Proud to Be an American," is a song that has resonated with American audiences for decades. Here all the information.

Biden resigns: All Democratic Party candidates who could replace him as candidate for president

Vice President Kamala Harris is the most legally eligible to take over. However,`party nominees, Gavin Newsom and Josh Shapiro, also stand a chance.

Who is Gavin Newsom, the governor of California who could be Biden’s replacement in the Democratic candidacy?

The Democrats have ‘picked’ Gavin Newsom is a potential replacement for Biden. However, Biden doesn’t seem to be steeping down or going anywhere soon.

Social Security Special Minimum Benefit in 2024: what it is, who qualifies and how to calculate

The minimum Social Security benefit calculation was developed to help certain low-income workers boost their benefit amount. In 2024 starts at $50.90 for someone with at least 11 years of coverage and goes to $1066.50 for workers with 30 years of coverage.

IRS Form W-7 in 2024: what is it, instructions, how to fill it out, and where to apply

If you need an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) you may need to fill out IRS Form W-7. Here's what you need to know to do so.

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