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Social Security Increase 2025: Here’s the latest COLA projection to find out how much your payments will go up Social Security

In 2025, there is a possibility of a 2.64% increase in Social Security. This could bring a $50 increase in social security benefits. The official announcement is expected in October.

Recipients who will receive the second payment of up to $4,873 from Social Security in July

In July, retirees in the first phase already received their payment while those in the second phase will receive it on Wednesday, July 17. We tell you all the details.

The change that will affect Americans who receive payments from Social Security as of September 18

Learn about the upcoming changes to Social Security that will impact those receiving benefits from September 18, 2021

These are the extra payments you can collect even if you have the maximum of $4,873 from Social Security

Find out about what possible extra payments you could qualify for even if you are receiving the maximum amount from Social Security.

Can I voluntarily suspend my retirement benefits to earn delayed retirement credits?

There are benefits to delaying receiving retirement benefits. Find out how to apply to delay and what benefits you could accrue.

What’s the difference between SSI and SSDI? Cant I get both from Social Security?

Two of the main Social Security benefits in the United States are SSI and SSDI. We explain to you what the differences are and if you can collect both aids.

The change that Social Security is preparing with the SSDI and SSI payment

The SSA recently updated the list of occupations used in the disability evaluation process. This update wants to ensure that its disability programs remain current and relevant.

Which state pays the most in Social Security benefits? This way you can get an extra up to $484 a month in SSI

SSI benefits vary by state, with some offering additional payments; Hawaii and Pennsylvania offer the highest supplemental payments, at $484 and $370.04, respectively, in addition to federal benefits.

Will Project 2025 affect Social Security benefits and payments? This is known about the measure

The Heritage Foundation's Project 2025 calls for a number of radical changes to government in the U.S. Here's what they recommend for social security.

Who is eligible to receive Social Security survivors benefits and how to apply? 

We tell you who is eligible to receive Social Security survivor benefits and how they can apply to collect SSA payments.

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