Will I need to report to a VA claims exam? Does everyone who files a claim need it?

You don't need a VA claims exam for every claim your file. You may need one if you file a compensation and pension claim, but only under these conditions.


A VA claims exam, commonly known as a Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam, may be necessary if you file a compensation or pension claim. After filing for a disability benefits claim, these exams evaluate the severity of your disability as it determines the amount you’ll receive as compensation.

The VA claims exam is just additional information; if your medical evidence is complete with all necessary information, the VA claims exam is not necessary.

The duration of a VA claims exam medical examiner depends on your condition and how severe it is. A mental health case might last for two hours for a complete evaluation. Each exam is different depending on your health challenge.

If you need to attend this exam, your local VA medical staff will contact you via phone to arrange a favorable time. Alternatively, you’ll get a letter by mail with the time and date of your exam. This is why it’s advisable to update your current phone number and address at the regional VA office.

After the exam, a report will be sent to a VA claims processor and added to your claim file. This will help the VA to decide on your claim and the amount to be attached to be attached to your benefit.

It is worth noting that if your condition needs a follow-up exam after the first VA exam, you will be called for the second one. This usually occurs if you have more than one medical condition or if you report that the severity of the condition has changed since the last exam.

Will I need to report a VA claims exam?

This is dependent on the information on your claim file. If the medical evidence in your file is insufficient or requires physical examination, then the VA’s office around your locality will contact you for a compensation & pension (C&P) exam.

However, if your information is correct and complete, the VA exam will not be required. The VA will follow the Acceptable Clinical Evidence (ACE) process—in which your medical report will be reviewed and more evidence can be required instead of an exam.

Does everyone who files a claim need a VA exam?

No! The exam is only for those who filed for a compensation or pension claim and not any other claim. Even when you file a compensation or pension claim, the claim exam may not be required if you submit all the necessary documents and evidence.

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