How many Presidential Elections have there been since 1789 and what is the list of presidents in the US?

We tell you how many presidents the United States has had in its entire history, what the first elections were when each one was elected.


The presidential election in the US is held every four years, hence the election is said to be quadrennial (from the Latin quadri for ‘four’). There have been 59 presidential elections in the US since 1788-89 (the first presidential election is the only one to span two calender years, running from December 15, 1788 to January 7, 1789).

The first person to win a presidential election in the US was George Washington in 1788-89. The most recent presidential election took place in 2020 with Joe Biden emerging as the winner.

 The next presidential election year in the US is this year, 2024. The president and vice president are being elected formally through the electoral college where the candidate who receives the majority of the electoral votes emerges as the winner.

The candidate is expected to have at least 270 out of 538 votes to emerge as the winner. In a situation where there is no candidate with a majority vote, the president is being elected by the House of Representative which may choose among the three candidates with the highest number of electoral votes.

List of presidents in the US from 1778

Year of electionName of President No. of Electoral Votes Political party 
1788/89George Washington 69No organized party
1792George Washington 132Federalist 
1796John Adams71Federalist 
1800Thomas Jefferson 73Democratic-Republican
1804Thomas Jefferson 162Democratic-Republican
1808James Madison 122Democratic-Republican
1812James Madison 128Democratic-Republican
1816James Monroe183Democratic-Republican
1820James Monroe 231Democratic-Republican
1824John Quincy Adams84
1828Andrew Jackson 178Democratic
1832Andrew Jackson 219Democratic 
1836Martin Van Buren170Democratic 
1840William Henry Harrison 234Whig
1844James K. Polk170Democratic 
1848Zachary Taylor163Whig
1852Franklin Pierce 254Democratic 
1856James Buchanan 174Democratic 
1860Abraham Lincoln 180Republican 
1864Abraham Lincoln 212Republican 
1868Ulysses S. Grant214Republican 
1872Ulysses S. Grant 286Republican 
1876Rutherford B. Hayes185Republican 
1880James A. Garfield 214Republican 
1884Grover Cleveland 219Democratic 
1888Benjamin Harrison 233Republican 
1892Grover Cleveland 277Democratic 
1896William McKinley 271Republican 
1900William McKinley 292Republican 
1904Theodore Roosevelt 336Republican 
1908William Howard Taft321Republican 
1912Woodrow Wilson435Democratic 
1916Woodrow Wilson 277Democratic 
1920Warren G. Harding 404Republican 
1924Calvin Coolidge382Republican 
1928Herbert Hoover444Republican 
1932Franklin D. Roosevelt 472Democratic 
1936Franklin D. Roosevelt 523Democratic 
1940Franklin D. Roosevelt 449Democratic 
1944Franklin D. Roosevelt 432Democratic 
1948Harry S. Truman303Democratic 
1952Dwight D. Eisenhower 442Republican 
1956Dwight D. Eisenhower 457Republican 
1960John F. Kennedy 303Democratic 
1964Lyndon B. Johnson486Democratic 
1968Richard M. Nixon301Republican 
1972Richard M. Nixon 520Republican 
1976Jimmy Carter 297Democratic 
1980Ronald W. Reagan489Republican 
1984Ronald W. Reagan 525Republican 
1988George H.W. Bush426Republican 
1992Bill Clinton 370Democratic 
1996Bill Clinton 379Democratic 
2000George W. Bush271Republican 
2004George W. Bush286Republican 
2008Barack Obama 365Democratic 
2012Barack Obama 332Democratic 
2016Donald Trump304Republican 
2020Joe Biden306Democratic 

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