Who is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and why is he running for president outside the Democratic Party?

Get all the details on the independent candidate, who is an environmental lawyer and author, and comes from the famous Kennedy family.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a 70-year-old American environmental lawyer, author, and anti-vaccine activist. He is a member of the famous Kennedy family; his father, Robert F. Kennedy, was a former U.S. senator and attorney general, and his uncle, John F. Kennedy, was the 35th President of the United States.

Background and career

Kennedy built a reputation as an activist, author and lawyer who fought for environmental causes such as clean water. He founded the Waterkeeper Alliance, which works to secure clean water. He also built an anti-vaccine organization, Children’s Health Defense, which became a significant player in the movement against vaccines.

Why is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running for president?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for president as an independent candidate in the 2024 U.S. presidential election. He announced his candidacy in Philadelphia, referencing a “rising tide of discontent” in the country. He wants to make a “new declaration of independence” — from corporations, the media, and the two major political parties.

The goals of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign and what it looks like?

Kennedy’s campaign has drawn large crowds of supporters and people interested in his message. He has been critical of U.S. support for Ukraine and supportive of Israel’s war against Hamas. He wants to reduce military and health care spending and combat rising housing costs so young people can afford to buy homes.

What are Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s views on vaccines and water?

Kennedy has been critical of vaccines and has made his opposition clear. He has said, “there’s no vaccine that is safe and effective” and has urged people to resist CDC guidelines on when kids should get vaccinated. However, he insists he is not anti-vaccine and claims he has never told the public to avoid vaccination.

Kennedy also founded Waterkeeper Alliance, which works to secure clean water, and built a small anti-vaccine organization into Children’s Health Defense, a juggernaut in the movement that saw its reach grow rapidly during the pandemic.

What are the odds of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. winning?

The odds are against Kennedy, as no third-party candidate has won the presidency in more than a century and a half. However, he has been able to create a media buzz, thanks to his strong brand recognition. His campaign appears to be resonating among so-called double haters, who dread the prospect of a rematch between incumbent Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s decision to run for president as an independent candidate has generated significant interest and controversy. While his chances of winning are slim, his campaign has resonated with some Americans who are disillusioned with the two-party system. His views on vaccines and other issues have been criticized by many, but he remains a significant figure in American politics.

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