Who would be Trump’s vice president if he becomes President of the US? The Republican candidate’s options

A rundown of Trump's potential list of candidates for the vacant slot of vice president in the Republican party


As the 2024 U.S. presidential election approaches, speculation surrounds Donald Trump’s potential vice presidential running mate. A strategic choice could bolster his campaign and shape his presidency.

List of potential candidates

Political veterans

  • Newt Gingrich: Former House Speaker and Trump ally
  • Mike Pompeo: Former Secretary of State and CIA Director
  • Nikki Haley: Former UN Ambassador and Governor of South Carolina
  • Ben Carson: Former secretary of housing and urban development

Conservative favorites

  • Ted Cruz: Senator from Texas and former presidential candidate
  • Josh Hawley: Senator from Missouri and young conservative leader
  • Tom Cotton: Senator from Arkansas and veteran
  • Greg Abbot: Governor of Texas
  • Wesley Hunt: House member from Texas and also a veteran

Moderate voices

  • John Kasich: Former Governor of Ohio and moderate Republican
  • Susan Collins: Senator from Maine and moderate Republican
  • Lisa Murkowski: Senator from Alaska and moderate Republican
  • Byron Donalds: House member from Florida

Populist picks

  • Sarah Palin: Former Governor of Alaska and populist icon
  • Matt Gaetz: Congressman from Florida and Trump ally
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene: Congresswoman from Georgia and controversial figure
  • Nancy Mace: House member from South Carolina

Women candidates

  • Kristi Noem: Governor of South Dakota and rising star
  • Kim Reynolds: Governor of Iowa and Trump supporter
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Governor of Arkansas
  • Elsie Stefanik: House member from New York

Other contenders

  • Rudy Giuliani: Former Mayor of New York City and Trump ally
  • Chris Christie: Former Governor of New Jersey and Trump supporter
  • Marco Rubio: Senator from Florida
  • Katie Britt: A Senator from Alabama

The role of the Vice President

The vice president plays a crucial role in supporting the president and assuming the office of the presidency if necessary. The vice president also serves as the president of the Senate, casting tie-breaking votes on legislation.

Trump is known for his unconventional decision-making style, and his choice of vice president will likely be no exception. He may prioritize loyalty, political experience, or personal chemistry in making his decision.

The impact of the VP choice on the Election

Trump’s choice of vice president could have a significant impact on the election, potentially swaying undecided voters or energizing the base. A strong vice presidential candidate could also help Trump in key battleground states.

The future of the Republican Party

Trump’s vice presidential choice will not only impact the election but also shape the future of the Republican Party. The selection will signal the direction Trump wants to take the party and may influence the party’s platform and policy priorities.

A strong vice presidential candidate could help unite the Republican Party behind Trump’s candidacy, potentially appealing to skeptics and moderates. This unity could be crucial in the general election, particularly if the Democratic Party nominates a strong candidate.

Trump’s vice presidential choice will depend on his campaign strategy and priorities. This comprehensive list highlights potential candidates from various political backgrounds and wings of the Republican Party. The decision will have significant implications for the election and Trump’s potential presidency.

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