What is the largest Home Depot store in the US, how big is it, and where is it located?

The largest home depot store is 217,000 square feet, and located in Vauxhall, New Jersey.


The largest home depot store in the US is in Vauxhall, New Jersey with 217,000 square feet of space. Following closely is Anaheim Hills, California with 204,000 square feet.

Home DepotĀ 

Home Depot is the largest American multinational home improvement retailer in the US. It has its headquarters located in Cobb county, Georgia. Home Depot deals with products ranging from tools, construction products, appliances. They also render services such as fuel and transportation rentals. The company is also known by their color, orange.

Large Home Depot in the US

This Home Depot is not just the largest in the US, it is also the largest in the world. It is located at Vauxhall, New Jersey with 217,000 square feet of space. You might not be taken aback from the exterior, but this Home Depot has a lot to offer the minute you step in. The store is open from 6am to 10pm from Mondays to Saturdays and 7am to 8pm on Sundays.

First, on arrival, there are Dunkin Donuts right inside to help you get your day started. Once you step in, you have several store sections of the Home Depot that are all worth checking out;

Power tool section: this is a section for all the work tools. They are huge but well organized and nicely arranged. It is quite close to the hand tool section as it is well spread out neatly.

Cordless tool section: This is the section for corded tools which are well organized and arranged in another aisle.

Ball bearing tool section: This section has demo units where all are positioned in a way you can walk back and forth conveniently while comparing features.

Office Area Supply: This is an unusual section which is not often seen in other Home Depots.

Other sections found in regular depots are expanded in this depot.

In addition to these sections, the Vauxhall home depotHome Depot offers in-store workshops, tool rentals, home installation as well as free delivery and curbside delivery.

How Big is the Home Depot and where is it located?

The 217,000 square feet Home Depot in Vauxhall, New York is located at 2445 Springfield Avenue, Vauxhall, New York. It has different contact phone numbers for their services including tool and truck rental.

The 2nd Largest Home Depot in the US

The Home Depot at 800 N BrookHurst St. Anaheim, California is 204,000 square feet large. This Home Depot also has significant departments offering a wide range of home and office tools.

In need of a new tool for your home or office? Take a walk to these Home Depot stores and explore your options. They have everything you may need!

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