Who receives a Social Security payment on June?

US residents who will receive their Social Security payment on June 12 are those born between two set dates.


Social Security benefits are payments given to low-income retirees, disabled individuals, and dependents of deceased workers on a monthly basis. Supervised by the Social Security Administration (SSA), Social Security benefits are targeted at improving financial security and overall quality of life of older or disabled US residents

Payment structure/schedule for Social Security benefits 

Unlike other benefit programs, payment of Social Security benefits is scheduled based on the beneficiary’s birth date in whichever month they were born.

  • Those whose birth dates fall on or between 1st to 10th get their payments on the second Wednesday of June (June 12, 2024).
  • Those whose birth dates fall on or between 11th to 20th get their payments on the third Wednesday of June (June 19, 2024**).
  • Those whose birth dates fall on or between 21st to 31st get their payments on the fourth Wednesday of June (June 26, 2024)

**However because June 19 is a federal holiday, the second payment for June 2024 will be made on June 18. 

This payment structure allows the SSA process payments promptly and efficiently. It ensures a predictable schedule that allows you to effectively plan and budget your finances accurately. 

While your social security payment schedule depends on your date of birth, the amount you will receive depends on other factors like the:

  • Number of years you worked
  • Amount you paid in taxes during that period
  • Your annual income before retirement
  • The age you retired.

Who will receive a Social Security payment on June 12? 

US residents born between June the 1st and 10th of their birth month are scheduled to receive their Social Security payments on June 12. 

Factors that affect Social Security payment dates

Social Security benefits are disbursed based on scheduled dates. However, cases like holidays can temporarily affect payment dates as was seen in the May 2024 social security payment. Holidays don’t stop payment of social security benefits, but they can move the payment schedule either a few days forward or a few days backwards. 

Also, bank policies can cause a delay in receipt of benefits after disbursement by the Social Security Administration. 

How to verify your payment date 

You can verify your Social Security payment date through any of the following ways. 

  • View your benefit payment schedule online 
  • Create an account with The Social Security; an online platform powered by the SSA that allows you to confirm your benefits payments dates and view your payment history. 
  • Contact Social Security through their toll-free number or visit a local SSA office in your city.
  • Call +1 800-772-1213, or TTY +1 800-325-0778 if you’re deaf or hard of hearing. 

Delayed Social Security payments

If you have not received your benefits even after the scheduled payment dates, wait for a few days, then check to be sure the delay is not from your bank or postal service company. At this point, reach out to SSA via their toll-free number or pay a visit to a local office. 

Are you expecting your Social Security benefits on June 12? Verify your payment date, and stay informed for any (surprising) updates. 

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