How do I find the status of my Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) plan application?

Check the status of your income-driven repayment plan through the official student aid website, or via your loan servicer.


The income-driven repayment plan is a lifesaver for federal student loan borrowers. The plan bases monthly income repayments on how much income you make and your family size. Where, borrowers are able to apply the IDR plan it can let them take a financial breather and pay according to their capacity. 

If you’ve applied to switch to an income-driven repayment (IDR) plan for your federal student loans, it is advisable to constantly check and monitor your application status

How to check your IDR application status 

You can check the status of your income-driven repayment plan through the official student aid website, or via your loan servicer

Method 1: Through the Student Aid Website,

  • To check the status of your income-driven repayment plan application, login to your account with your FSA ID. 
  • Go to your My Activity page and review your IDR plan request.
    • If your request is incomplete, it is listed as Draft
    • When the request has been submitted, it is listed as In Review 
    • If the status changes to Action Required, it means you need to provide more information. 

Method 2: Through your Loan Servicer 

Your loan servicer plays a vital role in your loan repayment process; they ultimately handle your federal student loans on your behalf, and assist you with tasks related to your student loans. 

You can check your IDR application status through your loan servicer. First of all, find out who your loan servicer is:  

  • Visit your student dashboard and scroll down to the My Loan Servicers section
  • Or call the Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC) at 800-433-3243, to make an enquiry. 

Once you confirm who your loan servicer is, reach out to them by logging into/signing up on their respective websites, or calling via phone. Here is a list of all the federal government’s official loan servicers and their contacts.

Loan Servicer Contact Information 
Edfinancial 1-855-337-6884
Nelnet 1-888-486-4722
Default Resolution for FSA 1-800-621-3115 (or 1-877-825-9923, if you’re deaf or hard of hearing) 

Sign into your account on your loan servicer’s website to stay updated on your IDR application status. Acquaint yourself with your loan servicer’s application follow-up method, as some may differ from others.

For Nelnet, you will get a follow up mail with a status update every 10 days after you send in your application. 

For Edfinancial, you will be notified if your request was approved, denied, or if additional information is needed 7-10 business days after you send in your application. 

Aside from contacting your local servicers about your IDR application status, reach out to them if you have any questions regarding your student loans, if you want to change your name or contact information,  or if you’re withdrawing or graduating from school. 

Staying idle and unaware after applying for an income-driven repayment plan is not advisable. Follow up on your application via your FSA account or on your local servicer’s official website to stay updated. Good luck on your application!

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