What does Chapter 35 cover for dependents and how much is the monthly payment in California?

Chapter 35, also called DEA, covers academic and professional training programs. The monthly payment for dependents in California is calculated based on these criteria.


The Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA) program, also called Chapter 35, is designed to support veterans or dependents of veterans who are permanently disabled due to service-related conditions, or who lost their lives while on active duty. 

This program offers up to 45 months of education benefits that covers degree programs, apprenticeships, on-the-job trainings, correspondence and refresher courses. 

What does chapter 35 cover for dependents?

Chapter 35 benefit covers any of the following educational and training programs: 

  • College or graduate degree programs 
  • Career-training certificate courses 
  • Professional training programs 
  • Apprenticeships
  •  On-the-job trainings
  •  Educational and career counseling 

The Chapter 35 monthly stipend covers both tuition and study materials in the listed programs. 

Monthly payment for Chapter 35 in California 

This is the current rates for DEA from October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2024.

The base payment for Chapter 25 is determined by two factors—the type of education/training and the number of courses you’re taking (or how far along in the training you are). 

Institutions of higher trainings and non-college degree programs

While there is a base amount payable every month, the payment structure allows you to receive only a percentage of the full rate payment depending on the number of days you’re enrolled in the month

Below is the monthly payment rate, based on the number of courses you’re taking/the amount of time you’re enrolled in a month. 

Amount of time enrolled in a month Amount per month
Enrolled for more than ½ of the month
Full-time enrollment $1,488
¾-time enrollment $1,176
½-time enrollment $862
Enrollment for less than ½ of the monthIf you’re enrolled less than ½ time, you will get up to the amount listed here for every month you’re enrolled—but no more than the cost of your tuition and fees
Less than ½-time but more than ¼-time enrollment $862 monthly (or the cost of your tuition and fees—whichever is less)
¼-time enrollment or less$372 monthly (or the cost of your tuition and fees—whichever is less)

If your tuition and fees are less than the monthly pay, you’ll receive a bulk one-time payment at the start of each term. For example, if you’re enrolled ¼ time, and you attend a 90-day term, your base pay for the term will be $1,116 ($372 per month x 3). However, if your total tuition and fees for the term is less than $1,116, you will receive the amount for your tuition/fees at the start of the term instead of monthly pay. 

On-the-job trainings and apprenticeships 

You will receive the following amounts based on how far along you are in your training. 

Number of monthsAmount per month
1 – 6$945
7 –12$710
13 – 18$466
More than 19$237

Correspondence trainings 

For eligible spouses on correspondence trainings, you will receive 55% of the established cost for the number of lessons you complete. However, to get these payments, you will need to submit completed lessons. 

Note that children are not eligible for correspondence trainings under Chapter 35 benefits—only eligible spouses are. 

Special restorative trainings 

Eligible dependents attending a full-time special restorative training will get $1,488 monthly

If you’re eligible for any accelerated charges, any monthly fee over $392 will be covered

Note that one day of your entitlement may be reduced for every monthly payment of $49.60 you receive. Also, spouses are not eligible for special restorative trainings under Chapter 35—only children are.

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