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Who is Doug Emhoff, husband of Kamala Harris and first “second gentleman” of the United States

Kamala Harris aspires to be the first president of the United States after the resignation of Joe Biden. Here all the information about her partner, Douglas Emhoff.

Who is Kamala Harris, how old is she and where did she go to school and college

Curiosities about Kamala Harris, where she was born, how old she is, where she went to high school and university, and family curiosities.

What were the results for Trump and Biden in Pennsylvania in the 2020 election?

We will tell you the results for Trump and Biden in Pennsylvania in the 2020 U.S. elections and who won in that state during those elections.

How many U.S. presidents have been shot and how many were assassinated throughout the history of the country?

Throughout history, nine U.S. presidents have been shot while in office, and four have died. Here are all the details.

Trump rally shoots today in Pennsylvania: What is known about his health status and latest news about the shooter?

We tell you everything we know about the shooting in Pennsylvania against former president and candidate Donald Trump in which he was injured. Follow all the latest updates.

Which state has the largest and smallest number of veterans in the US and in which war or conflict did they serve?

Find out which states in the United States have the greatest number of veterans and which have the least, as well as the wars in which they participated.

IRS Tax Deadline 2024: What states are extending dates for tax filing until November?

Taxpayers in these affected regions have until November 1, to file their tax returns. Here all the information.

CalFresh Payment Schedule 2024: Who is eligible to get Food Stamps? Payment date & claim status

We tell you who is eligible for payments on your CalFresh ETB card in California if you meet the requirements and eligibility.

Biden Student Loan relief deadline approaching: how to apply and who is eligible?

This is the deadline for Biden student loan relief: How can I apply and who is eligible for debt forgiveness help?

The maximum time it can take for a VA disability claim to be approved

This is the maximum time you will have to wait for a disability claim to be approved if you are a US Army Veteran.

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